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Online ordering apps for tech savvy restaurants


Be smart, get your own restaurant takeaway App 

The case study is based on real life data from an anonymous mid sized takeaway restaurant. The striking results highlight the benefits that takeaway outlets and restaurants can all enjoy by promoting their own brand takeaway App and online ordering website from Mobo2Go

Key Reasons for getting your own App / Ordering Site

  • Eliminate high commission fees. Some companies like Just Eat and Hungryhouse charge a fee per order, in some cases this can be as high as 13%. Mobo2Go charges a fixed monthly fee.
  • Enhance your own brand identity with your own branded App.
  • Build your own customer database for future order boosting promotions and campaigns.
  • Incentivise your customers with loyalty rewards and discounts for ordering direct from you.
  • Control your own menu’s and customer service, such as price changes, menu additions, special offers and delivery rules.

Financial benefits of choosing Mobo2Go

Switching to your own online ordering system provides a foundation to build your business and can be very rewarding financially. This customer:

  • Launched their own online ordering service in parallel with Just Eat
  • Offered customers a ‘sign-up’ discount off their first order to migrate their loyal customers onto using their own branded App and website.
  • Gave customers an ‘automatic’ discount on every 10th order
  • Came off the Just Eat platform after 3 months
  • Used SMS texts and emails to keep customers informed, sending offers and promotions
  • Grew their own database to 1562 customers in 9 months
  • Total online & App ordering spend of £143,944.00 in 9 months
  • Increased average order values to £12.55
  • In year 1 Annual savings on their Just Eat bill was in excess of £16000, which is a whopping saving of £1333.34 per month.

With results like these achievable, can you afford not to choose Mobo2Go?

Contact US today to find out how we can help you grow your customer database and provide a beautiful online ordering experience for your customers. 01772 367 110
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