Mobo2go restaurant

Mobo2go is ideally suited to independent or multi store restaurants that offer a take away or delivery service. One of the key problems faced by restaurants offering a take away or delivery service is the handling of telephone orders.

  • The process of answering and dealing with telephone orders ties up valuable staff time, especially in a busy and noisy restaurant.
  • Customers become frustrated if the telephone line is engaged and this may lead to lost business.
  • Customers can become frustrated if a restaurant is noisy and the staff are struggling to hear the order details - this can lead to mistakes and more frustration for the customer.
  • The customer may have an old menu with items that are not available or wrong prices.

Mobo2go can have a dramatic impact on streamlining your delivery service, making it more efficient - increasing customer satisfaction and boosting sales. 

  • No more engaged telephone lines
  • Online menu can be updated as and when without expensive menu re-prints
  • Research has shown that online ordering boosts average transaction values
  • Online menus can be configured for up-selling
  • Customers can browse your menu and order at their leisure
  • Delivery charges can be automatically calculated and applied according to rules
  • Pre-paid orders speeds up service and improves cash control
  • Online ordering promotes customer loyalty and repeat business



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