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How the hospitality industry has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s safe to say that the hospitality industry is one that has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions imposed on hospitality businesses, the ones that have been able to continue to operate are delivery and takeaway services.

Restaurants and eateries have had to adapt their operations in order to remain open in these trying times. Here’s how Mobo2go helped our clients:

Mobo2go provides the capability to offer a click & collect service and/or a delivery service. This has meant that our clients have been able to remain open during the pandemic as our system opened their businesses to increased sales opportunities.

Now over to you!

Mobo2go provides you with the ability to offer a delivery service. Delivery radiuses and charges, minimum order amount and special offers can all be set.

Delivery service not for you? Never fear, for Mobo2go also has the capability to be configured to click & collect operations. Customers can place their order on your personalised WebApp and website, select a collection point and make payment all before reaching your location.

“Okay, so how does this help our business?” I hear you ask.
Great question! Mobo2go will put you on the map of online ordering. This is essential in today’s current climate. Why? Let me tell you…

If you are an establishment that has no previous online ordering system, then Mobo2go will provide an additional revenue stream. The number of in-store customers has been reduced, and now the impending national lockdown is preventing establishments from housing any in-store customers. This has, and will continue to impact the hospitality industry. This provides an alternative for you to boost your revenue.

Mobo2go has a variety of features that can make the transition to delivery and click & collect easier for you, your staff and your customers.
1. Time slots can be allocated to limit the number of orders taken in a set interval. If you are looking to utilise both delivery and click & collect on different days or at different times, mobo2go can help you to do this

2. You can keep track of your online performance and view orders in real time through our management dashboard

3. Your orders can be sent directly to your in-store EPOS system so that online sales and cash reconciliation are all recorded in the same place.

Take a look through our “Mobo2go” page for more in depth information and FAQs. If you still can’t find the information that you’re looking for then please do contact us via email, telephone or our enquiry form and one of our team will be happy to help!
5th November 2020, 11:04
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