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Online takeaway meal ordering is rapidly becoming a standard requirement for takeaways, restaurants and caterers,
with millions of customers ordering breakfasts, lunches and dinners online every month.

Takeaway, delivery or eat in, Mobo2Go online ordering provides a simple, convenient way to order meals from your PC, smartphone or tablet and avoids your customers having to stand in a queue.

Getting your business online opens up many more sales and marketing opportunities for your business.
With your menu online, existing customers will have a great new convenient way to order and new customers will soon find you through popular search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing.

Putting your menu online reduces the cost of printing and distribution menu cards, flyers etc. With 0% commission on your orders, what could be a better way to grow your business.

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App & Website Package - With Your Brand

Look beautiful on every device. We give you own branded ordering website and takeaway App, making your business stand out. We can help you drive more orders to your business with our world class online ordering solution, management dashboard and marketing services.


Website & App Integration

If you already have a website or App, linking with Mobo2Go is easy. All you need to do is add your “order online” button and link it to your unique URL. 

If you do not have a website, we can handle that for you too!

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Multiple Stores & Concepts

Just a few sites or hundreds, Mobo2Go is the perfect solution built to cope with the complexities of multiple menu’s, different brands and store configurations. Single site systems work simply amazing too.


Customer Database - Acquire & Grow

Imagine having contact details for all your customers. With each and every order the system builds you a database, giving you the tools to send out offers and promotions, keeping your hungry customers coming back for more.

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Voucher / Loyalty Engine - Retain & Reward

Drive sales and increase transaction values with your inbuilt discount voucher and coupon system. Distribute voucher codes and offers through facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media to reward customers.

Voucher attributes include:

  • % or £ discount
  • Minimum and maximum spend
  • Single or multi use
  • Valid date range & days of week
  • Order type - collection, delivery or eat in
  • Auto apply

SMS Texts & Emails

SMS & email tools are easily accessed to help you incentivise, inform and promote products and services to customers for your business. Use SMS messages to reach your customers, here's a few examples:

  • Special occasion coupons - e.g. £5.00 off on your Birthday 
  • Auto Loyalty - 50% off on your 10th order
  • It's raining get £2 off if you order today!
  • We haven't seen you for a while - 20% Off your next Order
  • Monday mayhem - 30% Off Pizza's
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Tasty Menu Images

Upload meal and menu images to make your delicious meals stand out, great looking photos will tempt your customers to explore your menu's, try new dishes and showcase your chef's amazing food.

Professional mouth-watering images of your menus will keep customers on your website for longer, will set you apart from your competition and increase the chances of customers ordering those extra dishes.


Click & Collect / Delivery / Eat In

Mobo2go can be configured to accept orders for click & collect, delivery or even eat-in.

The flexibility allows businesses to offer different services at different times of the day.

For example you may want to offer a “grab & go” service during the day to reduce lunchtime queues and home delivery in the evenigs.

reciept         hours

Printed Orders

All orders placed online are printed in-store on wide, easy to read order dockets, with clear instructions for the chef. A single order ticket or two, three or more copies can be printed to speed up operations. Alternatively you can integrate online orders with your Epos system.


Collection / Delivery Hours

Set separate collection, delivery and eat in opening hours for each day of the week to streamline your service. The system supports multiple opening and closing hours per day and has the facility to temporarily take delivery orders offline or close the store.


Time Slot Order Management

Set limits to the number of orders you can handle for each time slot. It’s a hassle free way to spread out orders throughout the night, running automatically without staff intervention.


Real Time

A live management console gives you access to your orders in real time, you can cancel orders and view all previous order history. If a menu item is selling out fast, you can easily take it offline too.   


Delivery Zones & Charges

Mapping your delivery radius makes it easy to offer free delivery or charge a delivery fee based on a customer’s location. The system automatically calculates delivery distances and applies fees from the rules set.  


Partners & Integrations

Get more from you system with our 3rd party integrations like Mailchimp, PayPals, SMS Text manager, Agresso, Eagle Eye Campaign Manager, Driver Tracking or Address Lookup software.


Secure Payments

Payments are made direct to your accounts so that you are always in control. You can choose what payment options you offer your customers – credit/debit cards, Paypal or cash.

  • Payment pages resize to mobile and tablet devices
  • Customers can save card details
  • Hosted payment page reduces PCI compliance
  • Auto refund functionality for cancelled orders
  • PayPal and wallet integration available​

​EPOS Integrations

Get your online orders sent directly to into tour in-store EPOS system. The benefit of this option is that no additional order printers are required, online sales and cash reconcilliation is all recorded through your EPOS system. 

  • A mobo2go POS API is available on request, for POS software developers who wish to integrate with mobo2go

  • Existing integrations include:

    • ICR Touch, SamTouch, Uniwell, WaiterPOS and Polaris. 


Call Centre Module

The multi-site call-centre module allows telephone orders to be taken via a central phone line. Orders are input into your online ordering system and routed out to the stores. With one number to call and all your orders in one place, operations are fast and efficient.   


Management Dashboard

Keep track of all your online performance, view orders in real time using the management web console. Full access to edit your online menu, prices, opening times and edit products or images. View orders that are waiting to be sent to store and orders that have already been printed.


Web Marketing Packages

We provide restaurant marketing services tailored to your needs. Our flexible packages cover a range of budgets and are managed by your own dedicated marketing consultant.

Our packages will help you increase online sales and enhance your brand through social media, email, text and mobile marketing, targeted promotions and design.


In Store Marketing Packs

Advertise your online ordering website & App with our in-store marketing packs. They're a great way to inform existing and new customers.

Options include custom designed windows stickers, posters, business card holders, table toppers, stickers, menu's and hanging signs. 


SMS Marketing Service

Using our SMS messaging platform couldn’t be easier whatever the size of your business and whatever the size of your customer database.

  • We can offer self managed or a fully managed service, taking the hassle out of managing your SMS marketing and giving you a service you can trust at a price you can afford.

  • Our mobile campaigns can be frequency capped, set to run out of hours if needed, have automatic opt outs as standard and come with your choice of outbound / inbound campaigns or both.

  • Using Mobo Marketing you can create engagement with your customer base that helps drive sales, encourage signups at a loyalty and rewards level and helps you keep your clients for longer by keeping then engaged.


Social Media Marketing

A vital part of maximising sales through your own brand online ordering system is the marketing of the new service to both new and existing customers, to increase sales and customer loyalty. A dedicated marketing account manager can help you:

  • Grow your customer database
  • Promote your business better through online social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Create and manage your social medial channels
  • Create & publish graphical and animated images 
  • Manage targeted CPC campaingns through Facebook and Adwords
  • Run email campaigns to your customer database via Mailchimp
  • Create brand awareness
  • Easy website integration

    Simply add a button to your existing website, to launch mobo2go. We do the rest for you.

  • Your brand

    The system is branded to match in with your existing website.

  • Mobile ordering

    A mobile version of mobo2go enables your customers to order from a tablet or smartphone.

  • Guest ordering

    Provides quick and simple ordering for customers who wish to try the service.

  • Member ordering

    Customers can sign up as a member and take advantage of additional order functionality.

  • Order printing

    Orders are printed on an in-store POS printer.

  • EPOS integration

    Orders can be sent directly to an in-store EPOS system.

  • Pickup orders

    Provides the functionality to offer a “grab & go” service.

  • Delivery orders

    The smart way to provide an efficient delivery service.

  • Secure payments

    All payments are made direct to your accounts so that you are in control.

  • Production scheduling

    Orders are sent to the store according to production rules that have been pre defined.

  • Digital receipts

    Customers receive a confirmation e-mail with details of the items ordered.

  • Management web console

    View details for orders sent to store and orders waiting to be sent to store.

  • Reporting

    Sales and customer reports are available for export to Excel.

  • Lunch time delivery round

    Ability to offer a targeted delivery service to specific companies at specific times.

  • Discount voucher system

    Generate discount voucher codes to incentivise customers are drive sales.

  • Product images

    Quickly and easily add product images to your menu.

  • Mobile SMS marketing - Mobo Marketing

    SMS blasts, QR codes, social media, mobile keywords and much more.

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