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Today's time conscious consumers expect fast efficient service, especially in the food-to-go sector. Mobo2Go is the ideal pre ordering system for cafe and coffee shops targeting the lunch time trade.

Mobo2go provides the solution to common problems you may experience:

  • Peak demand at specific times during the day such as lunch time
  • Long queues result in frustrated customers
  • Queues can result in "walk aways" and lost revenue
  • Telephone orders disrupt service

Mobo2go is the ultimate queue busting solution allowing customers to order at their convenience without the frustration of standing in line.

Online ordering enables you to offer an express order pickup lane that allows customers to "grab and go".

Online ordering puts your customer in charge of the ordering process, allowing them to order exactly what they want without mistakes. The online menu provides a consistent ordering experience and can be configured to maximise up-selling opportunities.

Research has shown that online ordering boosts average transaction values.


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